10 Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

10 Best Dog Breeds For Apartments


For the owners who live in apartment and dog happiness it is important to choosing best dog breeds for apartments. Some breeds are happy and grow well in big houses and some breeds are well suited in small spaces like apartments or small homes. We are writing in this article about top best eight dog’s breeds which are suitable for apartments and small houses.

French Bulldog: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is very well known for its small size, loving and calm nature. French dogs are great pets for families and a dog lover because of their loyalty, friendly nature and their full of fun companionship. French Bulldog is small in size having 16 to 28 pounds weight and 11 to 12 inches height. They have a strong and muscular body structure which give them unique look.

French Bulldog needs a daily small physical exercise to remain active and relaxed. They are low in energy and relaxed with usually exercise for example daily walk and playing with toys and owner. They need regular exercise which is important for this breed to remain healthy and avoid from fatness. They are very sensitive because of it avoid from keep in extreme cold and hot weathers. They are suitable to live in and grow well in small spaces like apartment living and small houses.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are loving and friendly in nature which make them right dog for families and a person who want a pet friend. This dog breed have calm nature and they easily make friendship with people and also they love to play with people around the dog. They have a quality to be kind with other dogs, pets and stranger which is make sure to keep this dog with many other pets without any fear.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the flexible breed for well adjustment in apartment or in the house. They getting very excited to play with their owner and family and also going for a walk in the park with them. With their easy going routines these dogs spreads lifestyles and make a proper friend because of their flexible nature. This dog is register and approved by American Kennel Club.

Cavalier are suffer from anxiety if their owner keep them alone for long period and in the owner friendship they grow well and enjoy their presence. They are come into worried when they are isolated and when they are involved in activities with family and owner they become happy. They are loyal and protecting pets because of closeness and love.

Pug: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Pug: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Pugs are loving and kind in nature and perfect pet companion for dog lovers and families. They are seeking attention and hugs from their owners and grow well in love and closeness of humans. They take elders and children’s heart because of their loving and friendly nature.

Pugs needs very low maintenance and grooming for their short coat usually requires a brushing to remove hair which are loosed and avoid matting. Owners are not worried about pet hair in their homes because Pugs are very low in hair shedders. Pugs have facial wrinkles and it is necessary to keep them clean and dry to avoid any skin illness and infections.

Pugs are suitable for apartment living space and small houses with small yards because they are calm and flexible to live in any atmosphere. Pugs needs small exercise and enjoy walks, play and sitting with family members. Pugs are perfect pet for busy person because of their loving nature and low maintenance. Pugs are also registered in American Kennel Club.

Shih Tzu: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Shih Tzu: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Shih Tzu are kind in nature, small size breed and low maintenance dog, right dog choice for dog lovers and families who live in apartment and small houses. Shih Tzu taking heart of dog lover because of their minimal shedding coat and friendly nature.

These dogs are usually 9 to 16 pounds in weight and 8 to 11 inches in height which make them a right choice for live in small apartments, houses and in small places. They are easy to transport anywhere and they are easy to handle in walking in park and visit to family and friends.

Shih Tzu is also known for entirely hypoallergenic coat which produce less dander this quality make them a best choice for dog lover with allergies. Their long hairs needs regular grooming to avoid from matting and knotting. Shih Tzus are easy making bonds with other pets, strangers and children which make them loveable dog companions.

Bichon Frise: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise are full of fun in nature and having hypoallergenic coat which mean they are less produce dander. They are wonderful selection for individual dog lover and families who want a playful and allergy friendly dog companion.

Bichon Frise are love to play and naturally attracted to fun and describe as clownish because of charming antics. They play with dog owners like fetching a ball, ramping in the yard, and involved in owner’s activities. Bichon Frise’s playful quality takes heart of people and make them an outstanding pet for children, families and other pets.

Bichon Frise coat needs daily grooming and brushing to avoid matting and hair trimming keep them good furry look. Its regular grooming also provide a best way to increase bonding with dog and owner. They are small in size and well suited for apartments and houses. Bichon Frise are grow well to play with owner and families because of their nature.

Boston Terrier: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Boston Terrier: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Boston Terrier are loyal and right for small apartment living space and it is popular selection for small apartment dwellers which want a loving pet companion. Boston Terrier are known as “American Gentlemen” because of it tidy look and calm nature. They make solid friendship with dog owners and their family.

Boston Terrier are known for their friendly nature with humans companions and their families and their loyalty is supreme. They are enjoy and grow well to play with family and involve in family activities and going to walk in the park. They are perfect pets for family children, other pets and also dog lover who want a trustful dog friend.

Boston Terrier are small in size because of it they well suited to live in apartments and small houses and need low exercise. They need play with families and short walk in exercise. Their small size is not need large place to play and walk around that’s why they are suitable for all small places.

Yorkshire Terrier: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier are also called “Yorkie” they are known for its small size and easily adjust in apartment. This is a popular option for city apartment dwellers and people who seeking small companion. These are 4 to 7 in weight and 7 to 8 inches in height because of it they have tiny build which make them small dog breed and good apartment dog.

They are well suited for apartments and comfortably grow well in small living places without needing large room to walk around. Yorkshire are brave and confident in personality and they are own energetic, intelligence and daring spirit. They have a small build but they are fearless and brave and they are not missing any daring activities. Yorkshire are medium – energy dog because of it they easily adjust in apartment.

Yorkshire Terriers needs low maintenance foe their coat they needs daily grooming and brushing and randomly trimming of coat to avoid matting and maintain their best look. They maintain a clean living space because of low shedding coat. They need medium – energy and need daily long walk in the dog park and paly indoor with owners and toys to keep them physically and mentally strong and avoid boredom and behavior issues. That’s why Yorkshire Terrier are great apartment dogs.

Dachshund: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Dachshund: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

The Dachshund are lovingly called wiener dog and sausage dog. They are small breed in size and easily adjust in apartment and small places that’s why they are best dogs for city dwellers who seeking a small dog companion. Dachshund have extended body and short legs which provide them a unique looks and 11 to 32 pounds in weight and 8 to 9 inches in height. They can grow well in small places and well suited for apartment living because of their small size.

Dachshunds are bold, intelligent, confident and having willpower spirit. They are small in size but they are not missing any daring with strong chasing nature. They are brave and not scared from big dogs and enemies who are attacking to them and their owner. Their small size and flexibility make them valued breed for dog lovers who seeking a small dog companion.

These charming dogs give joy and company to their owner while outing in the city streets and curled up in the lounge. Dachshund are medium – energy dogs and need small exercise like daily long walks in the dog park and play with toys and owner in indoor. Dachshund are good apartment dogs and best dogs.

Cocker Spaniel: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel are friendly character and needs small exercise because of it they are best selection for families and a busy individuals who seeking flexible and loyal dog companion. These dogs also known for gentle and loving nature. They love people and children which are around them and want to make friendship with them.

Cocker Spaniel are making bond with other pets, strangers, and children that’s why owners keep them with other pets without any fear. Cocker Spaniel are full of energy and enjoy external activities with owner. They need low exercise and not require high exercise like other dogs.

Cocker Spaniel are flexible best dog breeds and adjust in many living situation for example small houses, city apartments and in villages. They are happy and grow well with in human friendship and live close to their owner. They love to go outside to walk in park and play with owners in lounge.

Chihuahua: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Chihuahua: Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

The Chihuahua is the small dog breed and easily adjust in small apartment which make them a popular choice for city apartment dwellers and small houses owners. They are 2 to 6 pounds in the weight and 6 to 9 inches in height. They are smallest dog breed in the world that’s why they comfortably adjust in small apartments and all small places.

Chihuahua are loyal, confident, protected and friendly in nature with their owners because of it they know for big personalities. They are small but fearless dog and not scared from large and big dogs and unaware situations and protect their owner. This quality of Chihuahua make them right dog and protected choice for apartments owners and small house owner.

Chihuahua are need low maintenance and small exercise which they easily gain in apartments. They need daily walk and play with toys and owners which keep them mentally and physically strong and healthy. It’s necessary to meet them with people and mental stimulation to avoid from boredom and behavior issues. Chihuahua needs small grooming and needs random brushing to their short coat to keep them best looking.

Eight Pets Delivers Pet Perfection!


It is necessary to study some things which are important when selecting a dog breed for apartments for example size, energy level and nature. These eight breeds are well suited and grow well with the proper care and attention in city apartments and small houses environments. You can make sure pleasant and happy relationship with your dog companion by choosing the right and best breed for your lifestyle.


Q1. Are all dog breeds suitable for apartment environment?

A. There are some breeds are better suitable for apartments than others dogs because not all breeds grow well in small places. When you choose the dog for apartment read about dog’s size, energy level, and nature of dog.

Q2. What elements should I Read when selecting a best dog breeds for apartment?

A. There are some important elements to study for example size, energy level, exercise needs, dog’s nature and flexible with your lifestyle and living situations.

Q3. How much exercise needs apartment dog breed?  

A. Most apartment dog breeds need daily small exercise to be healthy and also needs daily walks and play with toys and owners to remain mentally and physically strong and grow well.

Q4. Are small dogs better for apartments?

A. Yes small dogs are better suitable for apartments because of their small size and but their requirements of playing and energy level and nature are proper define you that small dog breed is better for apartments.

Q5. Can large dogs adjust in apartment with proper training?

A. Yes some large dogs can adjust in apartments with proper training and it is important to give them regular exercise and mental satisfaction to avoid boredom and behavior issues.

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