100+ Best Witchy Cat Names for Your Feline Friend

100+ Best Witchy Cat Names for Your Feline Friend


Witchy cat names remind the mystic, magical and enigmatic qualities related with witches. These names are inspired by traditional stories, myths, pop culture, or nature. They often carry a sense of attraction and mystery. It is important to choose the perfect name for your cat because witchy names become a major part of your cat. A good choice of name shows your cat’s personality, behavior and your bond with the cat. Witchy names make your feline friend more special and add charm and magic. Let’s take a look to choose the perfect witchy names for your cat.

How to choose the perfect Witchy cat name?

You can choose a name which reflects your cat’s personality, behavior, and quirks can make a special bond. Is your cat playful and naughty, calm and wise, or self-dependent and enigmatic? A mystical name suits a cat with a mysterious look. Your cat’s physical qualities can also reflect a perfect name. For example a cat with green eyes could be named “Emerald” and a black cat could be called “Shadow” or “Midnight”. From cat’s colors, designs and cat’s physical build we can get inspiration for a perfect witchy name which is perfectly matched with cat’s look.

Unique names are attracting names and it is important to give your cat an easy to pronounce and easy to call name. Study the cultural context of potential names. There are many names that have etymology and cultural context such as “Hecate” is the Greek goddess of witchcraft’s name. There are various sources of inspiration for witchy cat names with mythology, literature, pop culture, and nature. This method is a tip for a name which is unique and meaningful.

100+ Best Witchy Names for Your Cat
100+ Best Witchy Names for Your Cat

Female Witchy Cat Names

Classic Witchy Cat Names

Morgana – A powerful witch from Arthurian legend.

Circe – Greek Mythology’s goddess of magic.

Hecate – Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic.

Sabrina – The teenage witch in Archie Comics Series.

Rowena – Rowena Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter series.

Modern Witchy Names

Luna – Meaning “moon” in Latin origin, a popular modern witchy name.

Raven – Associated with mystery and magic.

Willow – A name associated with witches.

Astrid – Norse origins meaning “divine strength”.

Selene – The Greek goddess of the moon.

Names of Famous Witches

Hermione – Name from Harry Potter series.

Bellatrix – Name from Harry Potter with fierce connotation.

Glinda – The witch from The Wizard of Oz.

Maleficent – The iconic Disney witch.

Endora – The mother witch from the TV show “Bewitched”.

Nature-Inspired Witchy Female Cat Names

Hazel – A name associated with witch hazel plants.

Ivy – Another nature-inspired name with a mystical touch.

Lavender – A fragrant herb often used in magic.

Briar – Symbolizing a thorny plant with protective properties.

Rosemary – An herb used in various magical traditions.

Mystical and Magical Female Cat Names

Nyx – The goddess of the night.

Fae – A position to Fairy and magic creatures.

Elowen – A Cornish name meaning “elm tree”.

Isolde – A name from Arthurian legend with magical connotations.

Freya – The Norse goddess associated with love and magic.

Male Witchy Cat Names

Traditional Witchy Names

Merlin – The Legend good Witch from Arthurian Tales.

Gandalf – The Witch from the Lord of the Rings.

Salem – Salem is a Famous Witch trials town.

Ambrose – Magical Fell name.

Prospero – The magician of “The Tempest” book of Shakespeare.

Contemporary Witchy Cat Names

Finn – Celtic origins modern name.

Draco – From Harry Potter series and in Latin origin meaning is “Dragon”.

Phoenix – A mythical figures birds that rises from its ashes.

Asher – Meaning of the name is “Good Fortune” or “Blessed”.

Orion – Name of Constellation and hunter in Greek mythology.

Names from Witchcraft and Folklore

Oberon – In literature the King of Fairies in Medieval.

Alastair – Meaning of the name is “Defender of Men” with magical feelings.

Throne – A name symbolizing protection and resilience.

Lucius – A name meaning “light” with mystical associations.

Morpheus – The god of dreams in Greek mythology.

Elemental and Nature- Inspired Names

Zephyr – The Greek god of the west wind.

Ash – A name inspired by the ash tree, often used in magic.

River – Symbolizing flow and natural magic.

Strom – A powerful and evocative name.

Forest – A name that brings to mind the magic of nature.

Enigmatic and Magical Witchy Cat Names

Myst – A name that evokes mystery and enchantment.

Rune – Symbols used in magic and divination.

Shadow – A name with a dark and mysterious edge.

Eldritch – Meaning “weird and sinister” in an enchanting way.

Sable – A name meaning “black”, perfect for a dark-furred cat.

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Gender-Neutral Witchy Cat Names

Gender Neutral Witchy Cat Names
Gender Neutral Witchy Cat Names

Ancient Witchy Cat Names

Aeron – A name from Welsh mythology.

Avery – Meaning “ruler of the elves”.

Morgan – A name with magical associations.

Quinn – A name of Celtic origin.

Rowan – A tree associated with protection and magic.

Spells – Spells is a perfect name of a magical famous black cat.

Cauldron – Place where witches drink their potions, perfect for a witchy black cat name.

Cursed – Straight telling bad luck or ill fate.

Hex – Referring to a spell or curse intended to cause bad luck.

Modern and Unique Names

Indigo – A color often associated with magic.

Echo – A name from Greek mythology.

Revel – A name that suggests celebration and mystery.

Onyx – A black gemstone with protective qualities.

Zephyr – A gentle breeze, evoking a sense of calm and magic.

Names from Mythology and Legends

Atlas – A titan from Greek mythology.

Kai – Meaning of the name is “sea” in Hawaiian.

Orion – The legendary wizard and hunter from Greek mythology.

Phoenix – A magical bird indicating rebirth.

Lyra – A group named after the lyre of Orpheus.

Celestial and Cosmic Names

Nova – A star that suddenly becomes very bright.

Sol – The Latin origin name for the sun.

Luna – Meaning “moon”.

Vega – The brightest stars in the sky.

Stellar – Meaning “related to stars”.

Mysterious and Enchanted Names

Mystic – Suggesting a sense of magic and wonder.

Enigma – Something mysterious and difficult to understand.

Whisper – Evoking a sense of quiet magic.

Spirit – A name that suggests a ghostly presence.

Wisp – A small, thin, and delicate piece of something, often associated with will-o’-the-wisps.

Themed Witchy Cat Names

Names from Harry Potter Series

Hermione – The intelligent and resourceful witch.

Luna – The quirky and mystical witch.

Bellatrix – The fierce and formidable witch.

Draco – The cunning and complex character.

Sirius – The loyal and brave wizard who transforms into a dog.

Names from TV Series, Shows and Movies

Buffy – Name is taken from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Willow – The witch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series.

Sabrina – The witch of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Marnie – The witch from “Halloween town”.

Rowena – The powerful witch in “Supernatural”.

Historical and Literary Witch Names

Morgan – Name taken from Morgan le Fay from Arthurian legend.

Circe – The witch in literature of Greek mythology.

Titania – The queen in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” literature of Shakespeare.

Prospero – A magician in The Tempest literature of Shakespeare.

Hecate – The goddess of witchcraft in Greek mythology.

Seasonal and Festival-Based Names

Autumn – The season of Halloween.

Samhain – End of the harvest season “The Gaelic festival”

Yule – The festival which is celebrated in winter.

Beltane – Festival “The Gaelic May Day”.

Ostara – The festival of spring equinox.

Alchemical and Occult Names

Alchemy – The medieval forerunner of chemistry, related to transformation.

Azoth – A universal solvent in alchemy.

Hermes – The envoy god, related with alchemical writings.

Philosopher – Motivated by the Philosopher’s Stone.

Quintessence – The fifth component in alchemy.


Selecting a witchy cat name for your new feline friend is a wonderful and personal procedure which gives you the feel of the magic world, folklore and enigmatic. Whether you choose a name with historical meaning, motivated by standard culture, or spirit of nature, for every furry friend a perfect witchy cat name is out. Witchy black cat names show your feline companion personality, behavior, look and character. The perfect name not only increases the bond but also improves the qualities of your beloved pet.


Q. What makes a name witchy?

A. Witchy names remind the mystic, magical and enigmatic qualities related with witches. These names are inspired by traditional stories, myths, culture, or nature.

Q. Can I change my cat’s name later?

A. Yes, your cat will take some time to adjust to a new name.

Q. Should a witchy name be unique?

A. Unique names are attracting names and it is important to give your cat an easy to pronounce and easy to call name.

Q. How important is the meaning of the name?

A. It is not important that the meaning of a name can improve the bond you feel with your cat.

Q. Are witchy cat names suitable for all breeds?

A. Yes, Witchy names are suitable for all cat breeds and choose a name which fits your cat’s character and behavior.

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