8 Best Cats With Big Ears

8 Best Cats With Big Ears


Are you a feline lover and searching for a unique cat friend? Today we tell you about cat breeds with big ears with unique looks. These lovable cats have not only unique looks but also have personalities that take your hearts. There are some important factors to consider about cats like personality, coat, type, and size. Cats with big ears have a unique attraction, calm nature, and fanciful look. Its calm and peaceful nature make them perfect companions for you and your families. Let’s take a look at the 8 best cats with big ears.

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian - Cats With Big Ears

The Abyssinian is famous as “supermodel” in all cats. This stylish breed has a slim, solid body and expressive big ears. Abyssinians are very active and playful in nature. They are friendly and love to make strong bonds with their owners and families. Abyssinian cats have multiple colors and marked coat design which give them an outstanding and interesting look.

They enjoy playing, exploring and love to climb, jump and explore their surroundings and often showing their energetic acts and notable alertness. Abyssinians are also famous for their coats which have marks and give them a wild and colorful look. Their big ears increase their beautiful looks and also keep them cool in warm weather. Abyssinian are intelligent and playful which make them perfect pets and give you joy.

Siamese Cat

Siamese - Cats With Big Ears

Siamese cats are slim cats with attractive blue eyes and big ears. These cats are perfect for those who want to enjoy communicating with pets because Siamese are very vocal and they love to talk with owners and families. Siamese cats are also known for their spoken and friendly nature. They are not to be shy to communicate with humans because they have expressive voices. Siamese cats are “talkative” and “chatty”, they are engaging in meows to express their desire and needs.

Due to their size and shape their ears are a major feature and look like bat ears. Siamese cats are loveable and social. They grow well and live happily in interaction with humans. They are famous for their slim, short coats and stylish body. Their big ears fully contribute to their unique appearance.

Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental Shorthair - Cats With Big Ears

Oriental Shorthair are closely related to Siamese cats. Oriental Shorthair’s colors and designs are like a rainbow of colors. They have slim bodies, short coats, big ears and more variety in look. These cats have an energetic, friendly, loving, and playful nature. Oriental shorthairs are intelligent and need attention and care from owners and families. They have a social nature and they frequently make strong bonds with owners and families. Their big ears increase their unique and interesting look that cat lovers love.

The Oriental Shorthair is a big ears cat breed that takes hearts and captures the attention of cat lovers with its slim, solid body and expressive ears. Oriental Shorthair breed has a big range of colors and design which make each cat unique.

Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat - Cats With Big Ears

Sphynx is a famous cat because of its hairless body and big ears. Sphynx cats are sincere and loving personalities with their hairless slim body. Their big ears and slim body are not only showing features but also increase their look like an alien. They need care and attention from owners and families. They love and enjoy cuddling in the lap of owners and they always live close to owners because of it they are also described as “Velcro cats”. Their hairless body and big ears make them look unique like something from another world like Alien.

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Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex Cat - Cats With Big Ears

Cornish Rex is famous for their wavy coat and large ears which give them a unique look. They have an active, energetic and playful nature. They have slim, solid and muscular bodies which add their responsive and attentive look. They are social and love to make strong bonds with owners and families. They enjoy being involved in household activities with their owners. Cornish Rex love to play and are easily trained to perform tricks because of this feature they often describe as “dog like”.

Their big ears not only increase their alert look but also provide them an original and attractive look. The Cornish Rex cat, with its smooth coat and oversized ears, shows an exotic look that hints at a mixture of the swift Egyptian Mau and wild Jungle Cats.

Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat - Cats With Big Ears

Devon Rex is closely related to Cornish Rex. They have big ears and wavy coats like Cornish cats but they are naughtier than Cornish cats. They are famous for their playful and naughty behavior. Their big ears on their head also make them look like pixies. Devon Rex cats are lovely, intelligent and need care and attention from owners and families. They grow well and remain healthy in human interaction and they love to make strong bonds with owners and families. Devon Rex are active and energetic and involved in every household activity. Their big ears, short curly coat and unique look make them a beloved cat companion for cat lovers.

Balinese Cat

Balinese Cat - Cats With Big Ears

Balinese is closely look like Siamese but Balinese have long hair with the same features and big ears. These cats are famous for their silky coats, friendly and lovely nature. They are very friendly and make strong bonds with owners and families which make them perfect companions for families. Balinese cats enjoy and love to play with their owners and also love to interact with people around them. They love to go for outings with their owners in the parks. They are vocal and perfect for those who enjoy interactive pets. Their big ears and silky coats give them a unique look that takes the hearts of cat lovers.

Egyptian Mau Cat with Big Ears

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is known for their unique look and interesting characters. These cats are counted in naturally spotted breeds, with a coat design which looks like a wild jungle cat. Their coats come in many colors such as silver, bronze, and smoke. Each color has unique spots that give them an interesting and stylish look. Egyptian Mau have almond shaped eyes which are vivid green in color and big ears which increase their look of attraction. This breed is graceful and muscular in body which gives them speed and agility. Egyptian Maus are fastest domestic cats and have the capability of reaching up to 30 miles per hour.

Jungle cat Egyptian Maus are also known for their loyal and friendly nature. They make strong bonds with their owners, human friends and families. These are intelligent and interested cats and always enjoy exploring their surroundings and playing with toys and owners. These qualities of Egyptian Mau make them the best and perfect pet for individuals and families. 


Cats with big ears have various shapes, sizes, personalities and natures but every cat has its own attraction and charm. Whether you are watching slim Abyssinian, naughty Devon Rex, exotic Savannah, long haired Balinese, Jungle cat Egyptian Mau or lovely Sphynx all are big ears cats for you and your families. These cats bring a unique look and joy in your home and also friendship and love which are truly supreme.

FAQ’s of Cats With Big Ears

Q. What are cats with big ears?

A. Cats with big ears are cat breeds which are known for their big ears compared to other cat breeds. Their big ears and sizes give them a unique look.

Q. Do all cats have big ears?

A. There are some specific breeds that have big ears for example Abyssinian, Balinese, Cornish Rex, and Devon Rex.

Q. Do cats with big ears require special care?

A. Most cats with big ears do not need special care further than any other cat would need. Breeds which are hairless need daily bathing and ear cleaning like Sphynx.

Q. Which cat with big ears is best for families with children?

A. There are some cats with big ears that are best for families with children for example Balinese, Cornish Rex, and Siamese. They are social and playful in nature and they love and enjoy being with owners, families, and children.

Q. Are cats with big ears more vocal?

A. Some cats with big ears are famous for being more vocal like Siamese. Their big ears are not necessarily linked with their vocalization.

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